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Shannon Miller

"It's more than just a motto, it is the driving purpose behind each thing we do, and encourages women to take small steps towards a healthy lifestyle.

The name "Salto" is a throw-back to my gymnastics career. A Salto, or somersault, is one of the primary foundation skills you must learn. It’s the skill you build upon to grow as a gymnast. As a woman, mom and advocate for women's health, I now realize that our fitness is the same way. We must build upon a foundation. It might be adding more steps one day or a spin class the next. But what you do today matters, big or small, the effort you put forth today can truly impact tomorrow. So let’s make it count!”

Shannon Miller Signiture

SALTOTM by Shannon Miller is designed and constructed to allow women to feel confident and comfortable while transitioning to each activity in their busy day. Combining performance-enhancing features with easy-to-care-for fabrics in ultra-comfortable designs creates uncomplicated fitness and yoga apparel that fits into the lifestyle (and budget) of the everyday, active, and busy woman.


Shannon Miller remains the most decorated Olympic gymnast, male or female, in United States history, with seven Olympic medals (two gold, two silver, and three bronze). After retiring from gymnastics competition, Shannon completed her undergraduate degrees in marketing and entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and received her law degree from Boston College Law School. Now President of Shannon Miller Lifestyle, a company focused on helping women make their health a priority, Shannon continues to inspire and motivate others. In addition to a content-based website and strategic partnerships, Shannon furthers the message of a healthy and fit lifestyle as a professional speaker and author. Shannon is also the President of her foundation dedicated to fighting childhood obesity. Shannon is an ovarian cancer survivor celebrating five years cancer free. To learn more, visit

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